Samsung has started a busy year with the promotion of latest mobile models. Following their outdoor campaign for Galaxy A7 and A9 during February, the brand has released a new campaign for the recently-launched Galaxy S10 and S10+.

The ads present both models focusing strongly on the “infinity display” screen, with no ad copy or slogans to avoid any distraction from the campaign’s purpose: the new smartphone models.

The campaign was released at the beginning of March and uses uni-poles and gate combinations on selected roads of Greater Cairo.

Samsung presents new S10 & S10+ with OOH campaign-00
Samsung presents new S10 & S10+ with OOH campaign-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Devices


Advertiser: SAMSUNG Egypt

OOH Size: Billboard | Gate | Large uni-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Global Brand | Galaxy S10 | Galaxy S10 plus

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