Ramadan is almost here and all the channels are filling Cairo’s billboards with new TV series and programs. After announcing the airing of El Daher earlier this month, Egyptian channel AlHayah TV has extended the campaign to bring to the audience new exciting shows, starring your favorite actors. 

Using their branded bright red backgrounds, the visuals feature stars like Yasmin Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Ragab, Mohamed Emam, Mostafa Khater and Mai Ezz Eldin. While the ad copy informs viewers with the name of the series written in large white fonts; under it lie the logo of the channel, their slogan “Number 1 in Egypt” and also "Ramadan brings us closer” at the bottom. 

The campaign started spreading across Greater Cairo during the second week of April, using billboards, uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs on several locations.  

AlHayah TV announces Ramadan’s exciting series-00
AlHayah TV announces Ramadan’s exciting series-00

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