Men’s perfume brand, ZAK has just released a new outdoor campaign to participate in the OOH festival of the upcoming CAF championship, introducing themselves to the billboards of Cairo as the official perfume of the Egyptian football fan.

The visuals have the beloved football player Hazem Emam wearing a red t-shirt with the word “Egypt” in Arabic next to his heart, the background includes the stadium, with football fans cheering out loud with much energy and joy. When it comes to the ad copy, ZAK announces that they are “The Egyptian fan’s perfume”. Another visual has a collection of ZAK’s perfumes standing tall and chic on the stadium’s ground, adding the same ad copy on the right side, in addition to their tagline “The first perfume in a can”.

The campaign flowered during the first week of June, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega-sign in selected locations across Greater Cairo.

ZAK introduces “The Egyptian fan’s perfume” with Hazem Emam-00
ZAK introduces “The Egyptian fan’s perfume” with Hazem Emam-00

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