A new brand has surfaced on the roads of Cairo, Egyptian transportation network dubci has launched its first OOH campaign to reinforce the brand and introduce it to the market.

Using in the visuals a white background, with the colorful logo of the brand, each letter has a different color; they display the name different times and it fades away as it reaches to the bottom space which shows different means of transport such as cars, scooters, helicopters, buses and Nile buses; and right under it, lies their website URL.

The campaign was seen during the first week of July, on uni-poles and billboards in different locations across Greater Cairo.

dubci is raising questions on the roads of Cairo-00
dubci is raising questions on the roads of Cairo-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Transportation

Brand: dubci

Advertiser: Dubci.com

OOH Size: Billboard | Lightbox | T-pole | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: New Advertiser

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