Following their recent out-of-home campaign to promote UPEI, Universities of Canada continues with their ongoing outdoor campaign to catch up with the upcoming school year, so you could have enough time to decide the rest of your educational journey at University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI).

The visuals include a red background, showing two engineering students, working on their practical part of the curriculum together in the proper clothes and with the right safety measures, while the ad copy says “Faculty of Engineering & Design”, adding another visual for “Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship” for the future business leaders, in addition to the advertiser’s logo in a big font. The bottom space is reserved for their website URL, hotline and UPEI’s logo.

Upgraded during the first week of July, the campaign is displayed on double-decker poles, billboards and flags in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

UofCanada encourages you to join UPEI-00
UofCanada encourages you to join UPEI-00

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