After raising awareness on eating healthy in May, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population continues with 100 Million Healthy Lives to shed light on Egyptian citizens according to their age and gender; now focusing on a new social initiative to support Egyptian women’s health with a new OOH campaign.

Using in the visuals white backgrounds and pink shades on the corners to be the showcase of Egyptian women wearing different choice of clothes, from traditional to modern styles, all according to which part in Egypt they come from, and leading them in the center of the ad the iconic actress Sawsan Badr. The ad copy informs viewers with a new message that says “The Egyptian woman is Egypt’s health” and under it appears another message “Her health is her power”; never forgetting to remind viewers that the test and cure are for free. The logos of World Health Organization (WHO) and the advertiser appear at the bottom; whilst at the top appears “The initiative of President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi to support the health of the Egyptian woman”.

The campaign was seen during the first week of July, on uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega signs and billboards in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Egypt is aiming for a healthier life for every Egyptian woman-00
Egypt is aiming for a healthier life for every Egyptian woman-00

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