Using the OOH scene to be one of their main channels to enhance Egyptian’s health, mentality and lifestyle; Ministry of Health and Population continues with their successive initiative 100 Million Healthy Lives that started in 2018 with a series of outdoors campaign, trying to put an end for  hepatitis C, focus on our new generation, shift our food culture, care for the Egyptian women’s health and finally direct us to a better lifestyle.

Under the supervision of the Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, 100 Million Healthy Lives never failed to deliver their message in a simple yet unique way that fits their multi-layered target audiences in a way that all social classes and different mentalities can understand. Showing a young man in a great shape drinking water to remind you with your daily water intake, a young lady running as it’s the easiest and most cheap sports you can play to encourage you to move more, a man who looks as young as a 20-year old celebrating his 60’s birthday in a tremendous shape and finally a woman boxing to be more fit. The visuals share the same ad copy “Our health lies in our lifestyle”, adding “your today’s lifestyle will affect your tomorrow”. The top right space includes the initiative’s recognizable logo, while the bottom area has the logos of the Ministry of Health and Population and the World Health Organization

Starting to spread during the second week of August, the campaign can be seen on uni-poles, double-decker poles and billboards in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

100M Healthy Lives proves “Our health lies in our lifestyle”-00
100M Healthy Lives proves “Our health lies in our lifestyle”-00

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