The initiative that changed and shaped the healthcare landscape in Egypt is back to the roads of Greater Cairo; Ministry of Health and Population carries on with their active OOH strategy, promoting 100 Million Healthy Lives with a celebrity endorsement marketing tactic, this time bringing back their brand ambassador Ahmed Amin who appeared on a previous out-of-home campaign as the representative of the new generation’s health and development along this series of campaigns.

100M Healthy Lives have been using several brand ambassadors for the several health issues that we are facing, for example, women’s health was represented by actress Sawsan Badr on an outdoor advertising campaign, artist Esaad Younis fighting virus C on an OOH campaign. Known for being loved by kids; Ahmed Amin is heading by being at the center of the visuals, surrounded by healthy-looking kids in sportswear and an ad copy that says “جيل بكرة يكبر بصحة” which translates to “Tomorrow’s generation growing up healthy”. Another visual with the same ad copy shows a kid playing soccer to encourage Gen-Z to “خلي الرياضة عادة” which translates to “Make sports an everyday habit”.

The campaign was out there during the last week of October and can be seen on double-decker poles, uni-poles and mega-signs in many locations across Greater Cairo.

100M Healthy Lives makes sure Gen-Z is healthy on an OOH campaign-00
100M Healthy Lives makes sure Gen-Z is healthy on an OOH campaign-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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