After their cross-promotion campaign with Nissan; Mobil returns to repeat its successful oil-car combo with an outdoor advertising campaign to feature KIA, offering free key-chains and oil barrels.

Cross-promotion campaigns are a winner marketing strategy for brands that belong to intersected industries; since Mobil is an oil and gas brand, its compatible industry where they are dependent on each other is an automotive industry, which in this case is where KIA belongs. Explaining their offer on their usual template design, the two brands are clearly shown on the billboards of Cairo next to each other, while the ad copy narrates the different offers “A free oil filter and key-chain for every KIA purchaser”, adding on other visuals “If you changed to Mobil 1 you get free oil filter and a key-chain” with the same ad copy for Mobil Super.

Appearing during the first week of February, the campaign is using uni-poles, billboards and double-decker poles in many locations across Greater Cairo.

Cairo’s billboards witness Mobil & KIA’s cross-promotion campaign-00
Cairo’s billboards witness Mobil & KIA’s cross-promotion campaign-00

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