Mostakbal City engages in raising awareness for the necessity of staying home and safe during the Coronavirus outbreak. It came up with an OOH awareness campaign on the billboards of Cairo with a clear message, only a few weeks after its latest outdoor campaign in March.

As seeing in our solidarity campaigns experts talk, the real estate developer has placed a very simple visual exposing the brand logo alone, for a roomy and clear space for its message. It's followed then by the hashtags #Stayhome and #Staysafe, also mentioning it in Arabic #خليك_فى_البيت, making it clear in our minds that Mostakbal City is always up to the goodness and well-being of the community.

The campaign appeared in the second week of April, spreading on billboards, double-decker poles, and a combination of uni-poles and mega-signs across different locations in Cairo, Egypt.

Mostakbal City utilizes the billboards to inspire people #Staysafe-00
Mostakbal City utilizes the billboards to inspire people #Staysafe-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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