GCC’s first of its kind digital lottery scheme and optional draw, Emirates Loto have released an outdoor advertising campaign to promote their brand on the billboards of Dubai, UAE with a chance to win valuable amounts of money that goes up to millions.

Appearing on their branded yellow background to brand their identity into the minds of the billboards’ viewers, Emirates Loto, where you can “Collect. Play. Win”, “AED 35m weekly”, showing their brand mascot holding the lottery ticket in its hand. As for the bottom side, it’s reserved as a call-to-action zone, where they placed their website URL, App Store, and Google Play logos as well to let players know that they can purchase online.

The entertainment online portal and mobile app is working in parallel to the UAE government’s initiative to pay back to the Emirati community, presenting the region’s first lottery rewarding experience. The brand saw the light after the Fatwa issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments in Abu Dhabi, no: 205/2020, giving the UAE community a chance to win millions of dirhams by inrolling into the draw, where players select six numbers from one to 49 through the website or the application to get the chance to win other cash prizes, depending on how many numbers that matched in one draw.

The remarkable campaign was spotted during the last week of March with a small media plan to expand later in the second week of April, filling the streets of Dubai with uni-poles, hoardings, megacoms, and billboards to grab more attention in the prime locations of Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Al Mina St in Dubai, UAE.

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