Vodafone celebrates the holy month with an enormous promotional OOH campaign spreading all over the streets of Cairo, featuring multiples of Egyptian superstars on a single visual to deliver its lovely message "Companionship of millions" to their real broad customer base of millions around Egypt.

Parallel to their very recent outdoor campaign, Vodafone takes no time to hit back the streets in the very first few days of Ramadan with an extensive outdoor media plan to celebrate. The OOH campaign is part of the booming TV ad that was premiered on Ramadan's first day. The campaign is celebrating Ramadan in the essence of the recent pandemic. The TV advertisement played snapshots from the personal moments of many celebrities, capturing good times spent in the comfort of their homes, while still being connected and sharing the moment through Vodafone with each other.

Only a few days after, these lovely vibes have turned to Cairo's billboards appearing on a campaign that places all the superstars together in one visual such as Esaad Younis, Mohamed Henedy, Mona Zaki, Amir Eid, Abdelrahman Abo Zahra, Amina Khalil, Ahmed Fahmy, Hesham Maged, Shiko and Ahmed Bahaa, centered by the much-loved football star and Vodafone's brand ambassador Mohamed Salah. Additionally, the outdoor campaign displayed other visuals that show the wide variety of the "Companionship card" which gives you the chance to send credit to your loved ones for free whenever you charge, in what appears to be in fact "A charge that reaches millions".

The OOH campaign was seen on the billboards in the last week of April, spreading over uni-poles, mega-signs, a combination and serial of billboards, and a serial of double-decker poles across many locations in Greater Cairo.

Vodafone celebrates "Companionship of Millions" on Cairo’s billboards for Ramadan-00
Vodafone celebrates "Companionship of Millions" on Cairo’s billboards for Ramadan-00

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