The solidarity messages on Cairo's billboards have been going on for a long time now since the COVID-19 outbreak recently. Several brands have been asking people to stay home in order for them to stay safe, others were thanking the frontline heroes but not much have done what Palm Hills did on this OOH campaign, spreading hope with better tomorrow's expectations on Cairo’s billboards.

Using conceptual designs to portray how the physical distancing could be socially challenging but yet fun and entertaining; the real estate developer portrays solo people, sitting there and doing their activities in solitude, such as playing the flute, working, studying, or even working out. While the ad copy says “Stay home”, “Stay productive”, spreading positivity on the billboards of Cairo by stating “A better tomorrow awaits”.

The campaign started to spread during the first week of May, on uni-poles, billboards, and double-decker poles in various locations to display their huge media plan in Greater Cairo.

The Art & Science of OOH

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