The rising Saudi Arabian app, Mrsool, has made its first appearance on top of Cairo's roads with an outdoor advertising campaign, emerging to build up its brand positioning in Egyptians' minds, and give out a bonus promo code for a firm first impression.

Mrsool has launched its OOH campaign with a simple visual and copy, but a strong message for such a courier services provider in Egypt. The visual appears displaying the app's friendly user interface, capturing a family who's happily using the app, sided by a copy indicating that Mrsool is "One of the family". Tapping on such a value is a smart move, as for the majority of Egyptians, trust is a crucial and valuable concern for using such a service; they'd really prefer to feel like Mrsool is one of the family members to use it confidently. Moreover, the copy is followed by invitation to "Use promo code ONE", bottomed by the CTA to "Download the app".   

Learn more about Mrsool's campaign budget, media plan, OOH kinds. Just contact MOOH, the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai.

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