Egyptian leading publishing group Nahdet Misr has launched a new outdoor campaign with the intention of raising awareness against child abuse.
Though originally thought to be a campaign from the Ministry of Education, we have been informed that this is a teaser campaign launched by Nahdet Misr for their educational brand Aladwaa.
Over colored backgrounds like a school mural, the artwork includes different items like rulers, belts, dusters, and slippers – all of them objects traditionally associated with violence against children. The ad copy informs viewers that these items don’t teach, and explains that “Times are changing and education is developing”, to round it up with the slogan “Against child abuse”.
Using Large and X-Large uni-poles, Gates, and Flags, the campaign spreads on the main roads across the Greater Cairo.
Stay tuned while we catch up on the reveal campaign that is spreading this week around the city!

Nahdet Misr raises awareness against child abuse-00
Nahdet Misr raises awareness against child abuse-00

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