The first mobile app dedicated for clinical lab services in Egypt, Check Me, hits Cairo's billboards with its first outdoor advertising campaign to spread the word about its digital solutions that ease the medical diagnostics process from a to z, all the way through your phone with no hustle, and no need to leave your home.

Check Me lands on the billboards to bring its brand tagline as a hashtag #دايما_معاك, which translates to "Always with you", delivering a unique value of inclusive laboratories' services to offer all that you need, by providing a broad directory of top-quality labs with full services on a digital platform, to choose the required test from your needed laboratory to be taken from the comfort of your home. This empowers Check Me to offer a vast range of primary health packages as Immunity Check, Allergy, Heart Check, and more, as well as innovative health checkups as Chronic Fatigue, Sports & Wellness, and others. The OOH campaign emerged to let it be known that now you can "Take your test from anywhere during two hours" only while you can "Save all your test results with ease in one place", showing up with its clearly placed hotline 16722 and online username “@checkmehealth”.

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[AD] Here's how simply Check Me works: once you download the app and register, you can start exploring the featured labs and test categories on the list, choose your needed test, compare prices from different labs, and choose the best option and timing that suits you. Also, you can simply upload your prescription, and Check Me will identify your needed diagnostics. The moment you request your test, the lab will be at your doorstep within two hours to collect the sample, then deliver it back to the lab, and send you a notification on your mobile once the results are out to check it right away with one tap. Additionally, through Check Me, you can organize your regular checkup routines and get reminders with your test dates to keep an eye on your health throughout busy days. Download the app now from Google Play through  or App Store through this link 

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Industry: Mobile Apps | Healthcare

Brand: Check Me

Advertiser: Check Me

OOH Size: Gate | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Product Launch

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