For 15 years now, the journey of Egyptian Food Bank has been crowned and glorified on the billboards of Cairo, feeding 3 million hungry tummies, calling for donations, offering sacrifice vouchers, encouraging you to help others to get help yourself, and more. All these efforts have combined to celebrate 15 years of good deeds with an outdoor campaign.

The anniversary campaign is simply displaying the green branded color of the non-profit brand with different ad copies, to sum up, the journey of Egyptian Food Bank during the past 15 years, highlighting their effects on the Egyptian people in need. The copy states “15 years serving Egyptians”, “Cooperating with 6000 partner companies”, “Reaching 2400 governments in different cities”, “Served 22M person in need in 2020”, “We distributed 14M hot meals in 2020” and last but not least, “We made 4M families happy in 2020”.

The massive campaign was wisely distributed in high-trafficked roads in Greater Cairo, according to its well-thought media plan, to guarantee maximum visibility and exposure, creating wide-scaled positive feedback with the audiences. The media plan included uni-poles, double-decker poles, billboards, butterfly double-decker, and bridge billboards over several prime locations and districts in Cairo, Egypt.

[AD] Egyptian Food Bank – Believing that food is the basic life need, Egyptian Food Bank saw the light in 2006 with an aim to feed all the empty tummies in Egypt, making sure that everybody out there is having a nice hot meal to help them carry on with their rough daily routines, granting them the most vital and the simplest need of theirs. For over 15 years now, Egyptian Food Bank has made a great fingerprint when it comes to tackling the purpose the brand was established for in the first place. The huge campaign went viral after been released in the second week of December, gaining incredible positive reactions from the passersby, where the people of Cairo have admired and celebrated the achievement of the bank that has never closed its doors to a hungry human being. For More information about Egyptian Food Bank, please visit

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