The long ride of healthcare and wellness with 100 Million Healthy Lives is reaching another milestone, announcing with an outdoor advertising campaign, this time getting you checked out to explore and control kidney diseases under the supervision of Ministry of Health & Population, featuring the two superstars Ahmed Adam and Hala Sedky.

The initiative has been running for years now, where it offered a universal health insurance, a special care for the Egyptian women, shaping our lifestyle, virus C check-up. With shots from the multi-channel campaign, the two artists are standing next to each other after getting their general heath checked, concentrating on kidney diseases and all the other diseases that let to it, such as blood temperature, and diabetes. The ad copy clarifies that this “Check-up and treatment is safe and free”, where you “Can live healthier”. 

For more information about this campaign, visit MOOH, Egypt’s and The Emirates’ OOH-dedicated Media Intelligence Company to reveal its OOH types, sizes, budget, locations, districts, and more.

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