Henedy is representing two popular brands now in Egypt, refreshing our roads on daily travel with his funny smart expressions on Cairo's billboards, after the release of the latest two campaigns. The first one is Tornado the home appliances brand by Al-Araby Group, the second campaign is Molto of Edita the food & beverage game-changing player in the Egyptian market.

We've witnessed many celebrities leading OOH campaigns, but when it comes to one celebrity leading more than a campaign at the same time, there's a highlight here that drives us to be thankful... Why are brands choosing Henedy? The answer lies behind the strategic tactics of marketing brands through celebrities or influencers, a brand ambassador's sole purpose is to present your brand in a positive light. A brand ambassador should be someone that gets people excited about your brand, and this is exactly what Henedy does when he offers us a brand or product, he's inspiring us with simplicity and gets us to drink the brand's Kool-Aid.

Building brands through celebrity and influencer endorsements remains a powerful communication tool for brands, especially in emerging markets such as Egypt, where they looking for idols and iconic people to follow. Henedy is the iconic funny Egyptian whose happy against the odds, and ambitious whatever the challenges are, he just making it looks and sounds easy.

Choosing the correct spokesperson is a big decision for any brand and it needs to be carefully considered, and it is a big bang if you chose the right and relevant time too... in the case of Tornado, Henedy running this campaign after a successful branding campaign, and before the branding one, and it was the strong campaign of "رايح أجيب للبيت تورنيدو" or "Going to get Tornado for home", and when you think about it a bit it seems absolutely logic to bring in a star-like Henedy to ensure the superiority of the brand among the majority of the medium class. The OOH campaign’s artwork reflected a strong warm atmosphere by using reddish colors, and Henedy showing up in his charismatic pose and look acting as one of Al-Araby’s proud supervisors.

On the other hand, Molto brought in Henedy to sustain the legacy of Maged Al-Kedwany, Ruby, and Ahmed Malek with the campaign of "باظِظ خالص" or "Very Drippy" using the melodies of Egyptian rapper "Wegz" hit, no doubt Henedy could keep it up and trendy especially on the outdoor advertising, however, his charismatic pose and look grabs the attention and laughter of Egypt’s audience. The artwork of this campaign starred Henedy in a hoodie with the same charismatic pose and look but the amazing thing; it is a brand new character in a thug-life style.

Following the hilarious TV commercial with a jingle theme, Vodafone arrives at the streets with the campaign featuring Henedy with his joyful attitude characterizing portrayed to spread the word Vodafone campaign which has shown up on the billboards beside the TV ad presenting its latest prepared special offers, with his humor sense and multi-comedy taste.

Celebrity ambassadors can either boost or tarnish a brand’s image, it is extremely vital to select an individual who genuinely likes and supports your brand, not someone who is there just to make a quick buck. We saw Henedy in the three campaigns Tornado, Molto, and Vodafone with almost the same unique pose but different characters, personas, and even styles, hence, we still believe whatever he performs for us in every role, moreover, we bet Henedy can do even more campaigns and characters in the same time perfectly well, and we will believe then go for more purchases of the brands he represents, but let’s focus on our campaigns here, the successful blends of Henedy with Tornado or Molto that gives us a good vibe about the future, this is the secret ingredients of successful OOH campaigns that generate sales and adds value to the brands.

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