Talabat penetrates the OOH market with their latest campaign that offers its users a gift voucher of up to 50L.E on any delivery service. Talabat sends the message that the application offers daily consumer wants which will be delivered as fast as possible. 

The ad copy provides a gift code for all users "TALABAT50", which anyone can use to get the 50L.E discount on any order with only a click. The design of the billboards is consistent with Talabat's brand identity since the backgrounds are orange, the same color of the brand's logo. Orange is an enthusiastic color that stimulates appetite and forms feelings of warmth and comfort. 

The billboards show a variety of different foods including hamburgers, pizza, oriental food as well as household snacks and products such as; juices, tea, coffee, jam, sugar, and much more. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps | Courier Services

Brand: Talabat

Advertiser: Delivery Hero

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Promotional Campiagn

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