Developer X, a subsidiary company of the Shoura Holding Group, presents a Greek experience in Egyptian Land, cooperating with the Bianchi Company for Tourism and Real Estate Investment.

The villages and resorts of the North Coast have become a major tourist and investment destination for developers as well as investors, so it is noticed that all real estate developers are stepping in to compete for providing the best and most suitable tourist services on the northern coast, especially in Sidi Abdelrahman.   

The ad uses three colorful icons; the sea, the sun, and the palm trees to represent summer, exhibited on a blue-tinted background. The blue color scheme reflects calmness, serenity, and spirituality, which fits the brand’s philosophy, where blue is the color of the sky and the sea. The background is adorned and framed with pink florals. As for the ad copy, The ad presents the kingdom of sun “BIANCHI ILIOS” on North Coast in Sidi Abdelrahman, also at the bottom corner, they offer an official website and a hotline for any inquiries.             

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