With the new semester getting closer in Dubai, brands and educational institutions start promoting for the new academic year whether by providing crazy offers on school essentials or by inviting parents and their kids to join a specific educational entity that provides a distinguishable educational experience. 

Hence, the leading K-12 American school, Clarion School has furnished the OOH scene in Dubai to redefine the notion of educational excellence and send a call to join Clarion’s community. Clarion School strives to meet the highest tier of US Standards by providing multidisciplinary, engaging, and challenging learning experiences taught by highly experienced Master Educators.

Clarion's program was established in partnership with one of the top US graduate schools of education and led by the co-author of the IB PYP framework, raising the bar for what a high-quality education should include. Moreover, the aforementioned institution has gone above and beyond the UK National Curriculum or even the more holistic IB framework to create a program that is rigorous and relevant to preparing kids for the future.

The ad visuals portray a girl holding a measuring tube and a boy working on electrical gadgets to refer to the activities and programs that Clarion School provides to the kids, highlighting two phrases that say “I Am An Experimental Learner" and “I Am A Life-Long Learner", and the catchy phrase "Art of Igniting Curiosity” to allude to the School’s principle and philosophy. 

At the bottom corner of the background, audiences can behold an official website and a contact number for any inquiries, featured in a maroon color to grab attention on the roads of Dubai.                

This campaign soared in the third week of August in a limited location on UniPole Billboards and Lampposts Billboards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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