Brilliantly white teeth clench down on a toothpaste tube filled with Marvis’ astounding white-mint product for dental care, causing the toothpaste to pour out on a black toothbrush. This alluring visage is immediately striking for any passers-by, attracting attention, and inviting audiences to try the spectacular toothpaste, hoping to achieve the level of whiteness on display. The flavor on the advertisement is Whitening Mint, which is described by the brand as follows; “AN ARCTIC SHIVER. AN ICE CRYSTAL. A SWIRL OF COLD MINT. LONG-LASTING, LIKE ITS UNFORGETTABLE SMILE.” That description is definitely conveyed through the thrilling visual.

One of the best things about Marvis’ toothpaste is that it’s cruelty-free, as well as being Fluoride-free, Vegan, and made in Italy.
The ad copy that accompanies the image of the stunning smile states that the coveted toothpaste states that the product is available at; Spinneys, Grandiose Supermarket, Wheatfields, Supercare, Union Coop, Life,, The light house, Sharjah Coop, Grand Mart, and more.

This new campaign has emerged for the first time in the second week of September on UniPole billboards.

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