PACE Modern British School climbs on Dubai's OOH landscape for the first time, encouraging new student enrollments, as the 2021-2022 academic year is at an imminent arrival. The school aims to make every child's world better in the UAE, especially since it offers affordable British education in Dubai, specifically in the "Rashidiya" area, according to the location reflected in the campaign. PACE Modern British School features; smart classrooms, indoor play areas, interactive learning facilities, high-tech robotics, and CCTV monitored classrooms and campus.

Set in the heart of Al Rashidiya, PACE is a brand new school offering high quality education without compromise, following the UK British Curriculum through EYFS for primary and secondary school. The ad copy highlights that admissions are open for "FS1 to Year 6", as the school promises flourishing students with the appropriate foundations to be the change makers of tomorrow. The school’s mission concerns creating a safe, respectful and collaborative environment, conducive to promoting creativity, and developing compassionate and tolerant global citizens, through dedicated leadership, committed staff and an engaged community. 

The ad copy also informs the masses that for enquiry, they can contact "042853333" or check the website and register online via "". The advert also portrays PACE Group's logo along with their official tagline "Education Empowers" using a vivid yellow theme, combining white for half of the background in order to make the ad copy as visible as possible. Yellow is associated with intellect, logic, and has the ability to improve analytical thinking. It is also linked with cheerfulness, happiness, optimism, and tends to inspire hope and enthusiasm. Yellow fosters a positive way of thinking, as well as a thirst for knowledge, which makes it the perfect main color for PACE Modern British School's campaign. 

The campaign is a fairly new one that was released during the second week of September, and was distributed across limited OOH spots across Dubai, as bridge billboards and lampposts. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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