From Semak For Cosmetics, Penduline is an Egyptian brand that creates all-natural hair and skincare for children of all ages. All of their products are free of chemicals and preservatives, making them both safe and beneficial to children's skin and hair. They announce their serum in an OOH campaign in Cairo, after their latest billboards featuring Mai Kassab which promoted their shower gel. 

Their serum is an innovative, silicon-free formula that’s infused with argan oil and moringa oil. It doesn’t leave residue or build-up on the scalp, or cause dandruff and dryness. It costs 185 L.E and is available in branches or online. 

The billboards include a young girl with heterochromia, with one iris being brown and the second being green. She’s adorned with a studded headband around her fluffy, soft hair, while wearing a rose-toned, girly dress. In her hands is the serum, so we can attribute the healthy state of her locks to it. “For Vital Hair, Inside and Outside” is the caption next to her. They proudly declare that it’s the “First Serum in the Middle East Free of Silicone”. Another visual shows off their curly hair line, with three beautiful girls with varying curl patterns surrounded by pink balloons.

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