Orlando Bloom makes a significant impression on Dubai's major OOH scene once again, as the official ambassador and face of Boss Eyewear. Orlando Bloom's last campaign with Boss Eyewear was in August, where he took the spotlight presenting the latest sunglasses from the Hugo Boss Eyewear Collection. Orlando Bloom was also spotted on Dubai's billboards in October in Yateem Optical's campaign where the star was also portrayed wearing Boss Eyewear with similar visuals to this month's campaign. 

After appearing in a commercial for the luxury brand, Orlando Bloom is currently being featured in the Boss Eyewear outdoor campaign for the new collection of elegant eyewear from the legendary German manufacturer. The star is portrayed elegantly posing for the cameras, flaunting Boss's new sleek designs and frames. The campaign managed to achieve a balance between high-class style, and classic sophistication in its new eyewear collection. The ad copy uses the main hashtag #TheChoiceIsYours and the design methodology is reflected in the light brown color of the OOH campaign. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted on Dubai's main advertising roads during the first week of November and was distributed across limited OOH spots taking the form of UniPoles and Lampposts. 

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