BOEING rises on Dubai's primary OOH scene with a new exciting awareness campaign for Fly Dubai, ensuring that passenger's comfort is a top priority to them as they promise a world-class flight experience. 

The visuals display diverse monuments from several different touristic countries. One visual uses ad copy "Fly to Ljubljana" the capital of Slovenia, portraying the beautiful curving Ljubljanica River and the city's old town from its commercial hub. Another visual displays Egypt's breath-taking Red Sea shoreline using ad copy "Fly to Sharm El-Sheikh". Another visual of the campaign demonstrates Fly Dubai's professional and sophisticated air attendees while using ad copy which translates to "Fly to More Than 95 Destinations". Another visual also portrays one of Bulgaria's primary landmarks that reflects more than 2,000 years of history using ad copy "Fly to Sofia". A main visual of the campaign generalizes the campaign's key message "FLY IN COMFORT WITH FLYDUBAI", portraying BOEING's logo at the bottom right. 

The limited campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted on Dubai's main roads during the third week of November and was distributed on Uni-Poles and Lampposts. 

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