UAE’s top rated online automotive marketplace of certified and warrantied used cars, CarSwitch, has returned stronger than ever to the OOH arena across Dubai’s roadways after its latest presence on billboards in 2020. 

It's worth mentioning that CarSwitch is the most innovative mobile-first used car retailer, providing warrantied and pre-inspected used vehicles to be delivered directly to your doorstep from the end-user.

Using their blue and orange brand colors that often convey reliability and comfort to the audience, the visuals host a straight forward call-to-action "Buy & sell for the best value” or "بيع واشتري بأفضل قيمة", displayed with the app's mostly perfect rating "4.8", as the UAE's top rated service.     

This campaign was a new one, appearing in the third week of January on Bridge billboards in Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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