Vodafone Egypt's new outdoor advertising campaign sparks sentiment! Last year, the leading brand surprised us with an unexpected comeback of the diva Sherihan that gained very positive feedback and millions of views on YouTube just in a short period of time. This year, unlike other telecom companies, Vodafone distinguished itself by not involving stars in the new advert, but it collaborated with El Hadaba Amr Diab to perform an ad song; having him telling a love story.

The new campaign has taken over the OOH mediums across Cairo's prime spots, capturing precious moments of the integrated TV ad shots, under the name of "What We Have Is Life" or "El Benna Hayah", triggering everyone's emotions and recalling memories. Nothing better than using emotional marketing to build a strong relationship with your customers, therefore, Vodafone has played it smart as usual this Ramadan. 

The campaign is footed with the phrase "Thank You For Every Moment With Us", appearing with Vodafone's iconic slogan "Stronger Together". 

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