The prestigious leader in makeup and cosmetics retail Sephora has popped up on Dubai’s DOOH arena to spread joy all over the city after their last campaign. Sephora invites its customers to celebrate their Arab culture, the power of self-expression, and their beauty. They also allure them to celebrate community and deeply-rooted heritage, like the gorgeous practice of henna, or exquisite nights with family and friends.

The brand utilizes henna again in the visuals with model Hatoon covering the top and lower half of her face with henna-covered hands, with the tagline “Live our traditions” in Arabic. Sephora states “Celebrate beauty”, “Celebrate self-expression”, and “Live our way”, as well, strongly relying on these motivating words on their billboards, and come-hither makeup looks. Other models featured are the stunning Rasha Al Rifaie and Eman Al Hussaini, surrounded by neon lights in an edgy setting. Sephora includes male models, additionally, to keep up their image as an inclusive brand.  

This new, limited campaign light up Dubai’s Digital Screens in the second week of April.

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