The leading airline Flydubai just released a new campaign that literally targets everyone! Since its infamous Boeing campaign and the awareness campaign game is on fire!

This campaign comes with two different messages. The first one targets vacation seekers—a very straightforward message for anyone looking for a vacation destination. The copy is short and sweet; it started with the call-to-action "book your summer getaway" and helped to know that the airline offers vacation destinations. 

The second message is leaning towards the fancy side, maybe because it targets the businessmen's niche. The design is mix between black and gold to add an elegant touch to the ad, and the short style in writing the copy is still going in this version as well. 

The message for this one is "enjoy Flydubai business" along with a model comfortably sleeping.

The campaign is great when it comes to conciseness and delivery. We like it!

The “book your summer getaway” is displayed on a bridge billboard and the second one is displayed on hoarding. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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