XXRIDE is here with an outdoor campaign for the first time in Dubai. XXRIDE is the newest member of the mobility apps family in Dubai as the company was founded in 2021 according to their website, which is relatively new. The stakes are so high, especially when there are moguls in this industry already. Will XXRIDE stand out?        

The campaign’s message appeared in two versions. The first version appeared in many versions, such as mega com, rooftop billboard, and uni-pole, and the message is a simple question “are you in a hurry?” 

The second message appeared as a lamppost; “enjoy your ride,” which we think it’s very simple and does not provoke the audience’s attention to try the application.  

When it comes to color, we have to give credit to the choice. The dark gray color is such an excellent choice in advertising. Dark gray indicates luxury, solidarity, maturity, and seriousness. We think if this is what the brand promises through the color choice, then we expect some booming in the mobility applications world real soon.

The Art & Science of OOH

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