Jetex, being the renowned global leader in executive aviation, providing exceptional private airport terminals, fueling, ground handling and global trip planning, has climbed UAE’s billboards offering seamless private jet access to Qatar. They do so in preparation for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Jetex uses the art of subtlety in their new campaign, using a visual background of orange footballs while noting the campaign catchphrase “Fly private to Qatar” “رفاهية الطيران الخاص”, places in the foreground. The ads reflect Jetex’s brand color identity, as well as a subtle mention of their FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 offering.

The campaign struck Dubai's billboards in the third week of June on digital screens, uni-poles, lampposts and bridge billboards.  

One Side note worth mentioning that Jetex was nominated for 2 awards on 2022 which are Middle East's Leading FBO Brand 2022 and Middle East's Leading Private Jet Travel Experience 2022.

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