Amazon is returning to the OOH scene again with another surprise to make all the online shoppers thrilled. It's been a short while since the previous appearance of amazon on Greater Cairo's roads. 

This time amazon is announcing the arrival of the famous Prime Day that is known on all amazon's websites globally. Egypt's Prime Day will allow subscribers access to deep discounts, promotions, and deals on smartphones and electronics. It's a great time to score some deals.

It's also been announced on the outdoor campaign that the subscribers will get free video games and a subscription to the video live streaming service "Twitch." 

The eCommerce application is using a couple of messages that appeared on its OOH campaign, such as "free and fast shipping," "one subscription and various advantages," and "free video games and Twitch subscription," and all those billboards has one mutual call to action which is "try for free now" to give all the interested customers the chance to give it a try.

If you think that’s all about campaign, think again! We have in-depth analysis regards the campaign budget, locations, and media plans through our platform MOOH the ooh intelligence data provider for Cairo and Dubai.

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Industry: Mobile Apps | eCommerce


Advertiser: Amazon

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Promotional Campaign

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