Noon is entering the region's saturated market for food delivery. The e-commerce platform is getting ready to change the game and introduce a market for meal delivery. Noon’s last presence was the NBD and Noon collaboration celebrating father’s day; they surely know how to put a smile on their clients' faces! 

Consumers are always up for offers and discounts, Noon wants nothing more than satisfied customers so that Numerous happy consumers of Noon Food shop can make online food purchases the majority of the time. In order to make using Noon Food Promo Codes hassle-free for its consumers, it has concentrated on giving them the most straightforward and most practical online buying experience. The ad gives people 50% off on their first order up to 10,000 restaurants, free delivery on their first order on their identity yellow-ish background, of course, and a statement encouraging them to use noon food “ORDER FOOD ON NOON” across the billboard. 

The limited campaign was seen as Bridge billboards, digital screens, and lampposts boards.

The Art & Science of OOH

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