pops up once again on Dubai’s OOH scene, advertising their attractive up to 60% discount. They were last witnessed last month on Dubai’s OOH scene. Amazon is offering its customers and potential customers an unmatched discount celebrating the back-to-school season in their very own way. In addition, a 20% discount is available for all Visa cardholders. The promotional discount is only valid from the 23rd to the 31st of August.

All the campaign formats intend to convey the same message with a call-to-action encouraging the audience to download and start using the Amazon mobile app immediately. The campaign ad copies have an eye-catching chili red color as a background, and the marketing messages are written in a clear white color so the ad could easily be visible for pedestrians and passengers that are traveling at a higher speed.

The ad copy also features a school backpack with stationery items hanging out of it as well as a pair of white shoes with colorful laces so that viewers could quickly relate to the back-to-school campaign theme.

The campaign was spotted in many formats, such as; bridge billboards, lampposts, mega coms, rooftop billboards, and digital screen at the start of the third week of August.

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