It seems that the SNL star was about to get caught by zombies, but thanks to Vodafone Cash he recharged the game and continued the great escape, or at least that’s we know so far. The previous campaign of the telecommunications  tycoon was to promote a different product which was Vodafone Red with the collaboration of the elegant superstar Asser Yassin.

The current campaign is to promote Vodafone Cash service and also put the emphasis on recharging games through the service though a comedic light way, yet brilliant!

The ad copy is simply the comedy star Ahmed Sultan running from Zombies while he is holding a stack of cash in his hand with a straightforward message “recharge any game at where you are” to send a hidden message to gamers that Vodafone cash is an easy service and you don’t need to exert any effort to recharge your game as you can do it while sitting on your couch.

Another message appeared along with the mentioned one which is “there’s nothing safer than Vodafone” to show a exclusivity in the meaning hidden behind this message, maybe they are talking about fraud safety? Maybe they mean it’s a covid-19 safe? 

Check out Monitoring Out-of-Home (MOOH), a specialist media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo & UAE, to learn more about Vodafone’s latest campaigns.

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