Amana rises on UAE’s billboards for the first time with announcing their soon-to-launch investment mobile application. Amana is set to launch an all-inclusive investment and trade app, with a zero-commission trading policy, offering everything from stocks, ETFs, derivatives,  cryptos and more. 

The “” application launch ad spaces host a replica of Amana’s welcome app face, surrounded by logos of the array of companies that people can now invest in with the help of the Amana app. Customers will be able to tap, swipe and own stocks and EFTs for top US companies as well as leading EU and UK brands, all commission free. The brand logos include AppleAnghami,and ENBD as well as the crypto logos. The logos are scattered all around the phone, upon a purple background, which reflects the brand’s identity, symbolizing stability and reliability. The ads are very vibrant, eye-catching and clear, with the ad copy noting the campaign slogan “Tap. Swipe. Trade”. 

The Financial service provider’s campaign struck Dubai’s hoardings and digital screens in the first week of September.  

The Art & Science of OOH

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